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What is a ShareTree Company you may ask?

A ShareTree company is one that has been seed funded by ShareTree.org. Hence ShareTree.org is a 50% shareholder of that company. It means that ShareTree companies donate 50% of their net profits back to ShareTree.org being the organisation that helped create the opportunity. This donation occurs for the life of the company.

ShareTree companies are 50% charitable companies, whereby providing a sustainable income stream back to ShareTree.org. This will ensure that ShareTree.org can continue to fulfill its purpose and also invest in potential ShareTree companies for its sustainability and growth.

A ShareTree company is required to meet the following equality standards:

- Less than 30:1 ratio of wealth distribution.  This means no single person in the company earns 30 times more than any other person in the company, including shareholders and CEO. This compares the highest full time equivalent income versus the lowest full time equivalent income. When this ratio is reached the excess profits are either donated to ShareTree or redistributed to the people within the company.
- Environmentally sustainable and ethical business practices
- Donate 50% of net profits to ShareTree.org (Charity)
Through this model of Sharing Opportunities we envisage a forest of ShareTree companies whom will contribute to restoring more balance in the distribution of wealth and opportunities.

All the following companies are ShareTree companies: