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ShareTree is a non-religious charity based in Melbourne, Australia.

Born from a concern about the uneven distribution of education, wealth and opportunity in the world, ShareTree is a social movement to restore equality by educating character, engaging people with purpose, and empowering business.

Our purpose it to educate, engage and empower people to share their time and resources to promote greater equality and harmony in society.

Our vision is to have a global, sustainable and self-propagating system that empowers people and organisations to promote equality and harmony for the benefit of society.

The way we do this is by driving three core values:

Educate: share knowledge

Creating an accessible and sustainable model of education and learning for students, teachers, community groups and organisations, by aligning and evolving best practices in character (virtues) education.

Engage: share skills

Connecting the skills of individuals and the services of organisations with charities, thereby engaging all involved to provide relief for the disadvantaged and underprivileged.

Empower: share opportunities

Promoting fairer wealth distribution, sustainable environmental practices and philanthropy in organisations by empowering consumers with awareness and choice.

ShareTree is currently engaged in the following activities:


ShareTree has partnered with The Virtues Project™, a global grassroots initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life, sparking a global revolution of kindness, justice and integrity.

Based on The Virtues Project™, ShareTree has developed two Character and Culture Development Programs for schools and organisations/ community groups.

The programs – which are based on creating a positive culture and fostering good character – comprise interactive workshops that enable the discovery of the five strategies of character development.

The purpose of the program for schools is to empower teachers, administrators and parents to create a culture of character in their schools and to enhance the practices of caring, respect and unity. Character being the oral qualities that students, teachers and parents demonstrate in action.

The purpose of the program for organisations / community groups is to develop the character and thoughts of people to create a culture of unity. By creating an environment of unity and gratitude, it allows the character of everyone to feel connected, significant and appreciated.

For more information about The Virtues Project™ click here


ShareTree is currently developing social purpose platforms including a website and a mobile phone application which will promote and encourage philanthropy, virtues and character cultivation.

These social purpose platforms will guide people and organisations to make meaningful contributions to community organisations such as charities, not-for-profit organisations and schools. It will enable people and organisations to volunteer by sharing their time and resources, choosing where and how they want to share.

The ShareTree mobile phone application will also:

  • Enable individuals and organisations to send virtual leaves as a way of acknowledging people and organisations for a demonstrated character virtue
  • Enable character self-assessment via a character profiling tool, including setting a purpose and vision
  • Enable individuals to develop the character virtues they require to achieve their purpose and vision
  • Enable individuals to offer virtual buds to others for guidance and support and to cultivate a certain character in other individuals and organisations
  • This exciting project is near completion. We will share updates on the launch of our web and phone application platforms via our Facebook page in the coming weeks.


    ShareTree has seed-funded several companies, all of which are required to meet strict equality standards. We are researching wealth distribution equality systems and looking at how this may be adopted by other companies who are not of ShareTree origin. We are also researching global standards that will create awareness of acceptable ethical business and environmental sustainability practices.

    "In a world of shared wealth and knowledge, humanity will have the opportunity to reach its fullest potential."

    Steven Farrugia

    Founder & CEO, ShareTree